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Code of unEthics

Code of UnEthics, Green team 2007

  1. We shall not wear safety glasses in lab—except when Maureen is watching. Also, we shall wear open toed-shoes in lab.
  2. We shall steal other groups’ tools.
  3. We shall ‘get her done’ but if unable we shall punt it off onto unsuspecting team members.
  4. We shall only act like jack-asses when absolutely necessary.
  5. We shall make at least one joke about Baldy at the beginning of every meeting.
  6. We shall settle all conflicts through mud-wrestling.
  7. We shall forever wish we were the "other" team in the class.
  8. We shall be sarcastic and make most decisions arbitrarily (no one will ever know).
  9. We shall be forthcoming in explaining other people’s shortcomings to them.
  10. We shall use the Wiki as a storehouse for illegal media pirating.
  11. We shall have all important meetings at the Thirsty.
  12. We shall use our budget on team “spirits.”
  13. What happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.